Breaking Ground: Padel Sweeps Across the Philippines!

October 20, 2023

Padel is making waves in the tropical archipelago of the Philippines. In a groundbreaking move, officials are gearing up to introduce this exciting sport to various provinces in the coming months.

Imagine tennis, but with an electrifying twist – the ball ricocheting off walls and fences, adding an exhilarating dimension to the game. While it’s relatively new in Asia, padel has been creating a storm in Spain and several European nations.

Leading the charge is Philippine Senator Pia Cayetano, a staunch advocate for the sport. With a passionate vision, they plan to expand Padel’s footprint across the country, reaching the lush tropical havens of Baler and Palawan. Their mission? To bring this thrilling sport to the farthest corners of the nation, fostering a grassroots movement.

Currently, the heart of Padel in the Philippines beats in Metro Manila, with courts nestled in the bustling districts of Bonifacio Global City and Mandaluyong. Bryan Casao, a seasoned padel coach from Action Academy, is extending a helping hand to local government units interested in embracing the sport. With open arms, Casao and his team are willing to assist in constructing courts, leveraging existing tennis facilities.

But here’s the magic of padel: it’s incredibly beginner-friendly. Senator Cayetano and Coach Casao emphasize its accessibility – a sport where newcomers can dive in without hesitation. “Padel is unique because it’s very beginner-friendly. But if you want to be competitive, as I do, you can improve your skills with training and join tournaments,” shares Cayetano.

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