Branford, CT Welcomes Epic Pickleball and Padel Complex!

November 1, 2023

Exciting news is making waves in Branford as the Planning and Zoning Commission gives a resounding thumbs-up to a groundbreaking indoor/outdoor pickleball and padel complex at 61 East Industrial Road. This vibrant 21,760-square-foot hub is set to be the go-to spot for court sports enthusiasts, marking a new chapter in Branford’s athletic scene.

In the meeting held on October 19, the commission enthusiastically approved the plans for the facility, highlighting its impressive scope and the addition of outdoor pickleball and padel courts. Perry Maresca, the Economic Business Development Manager, couldn’t contain his excitement about the project. He described the plans as “impressive” and emphasized the necessity of indoor courts in the area.

“We’re not just building courts; we’re enhancing our way of life here in Branford.”

“Pickleball is incredibly popular, and having indoor courts is a game-changer,” Maresca remarked during the meeting. He underscored the project’s ideal location, foreseeing it as a magnet for players from neighboring towns. Maresca also emphasized the positive impact on traffic, mentioning that necessary road improvements were already in the works, ensuring smooth accessibility for everyone.

But that’s not all—Maresca sees this complex as more than just a sports facility; it’s a community enhancer. “We’re not just building courts; we’re enhancing our way of life here in Branford,” he said. With numerous biotech and life science businesses in the vicinity, he anticipates employees engaging in the sporting fun, adding yet another layer to Branford’s vibrant lifestyle.

Get ready, Branford! The game-changing complex is on the horizon, promising thrilling matches, community camaraderie, and endless excitement. Whether you’re a pickleball pro or a padel enthusiast, this new facility is about to become your favorite playground! Game on! 🏓🎾✨

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