Barcelona’s New Game Plan: Padel Off the Court to Prevent Injuries

September 29, 2023

Injuries have been throwing a curveball at Barcelona’s promising season, sidelining key players like Pedri, Ronald Araujo, Inigo Martinez, and Andreas Christensen. The latest addition to the injured list? Frenkie de Jong.

But Barcelona isn’t just shrugging its shoulders and hoping for the best. Nope, they’re stepping up to the plate with a proactive game plan to keep their players in top form and injury-free.

Taking Extra Precautions

Football players do more than just kick the ball around during their training sessions. They often engage in other sports to maintain their fitness levels.

In sunny Spain, one of those popular sports is padel, often dubbed padel tennis.

But here’s the kicker: Barcelona’s management, led by Toni Juanmarti, has laid down the law. They’ve told their players to put their padel rackets away for a while.

Why, you ask? To minimize the risk of injuries, especially since a good chunk of the Barcelona squad enjoys a game of padel tennis.

A Love for Padel

This decision didn’t go unnoticed among the players. Many of them are passionate about padel and even used to closely follow the Padel World Tour. Some had courts right at home, making it easy to enjoy a good racket session without stepping outside.

But alas, those in-house courts are now gathering dust. Barcelona’s stars have to find new ways to spend their downtime.

So, will this move be a game-changer in preventing injuries? Time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Barcelona’s taking every swing they can to keep their players fit and on the field. Stay tuned to see how this padel-free strategy plays out!

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