Babolat and Club Med Ace it with Padel Partnership!

October 16, 2023

Prepare to rally, sports enthusiasts, because two iconic French brands, Babolat and Club Med, have just upped their game! What’s the buzz? Well, they’ve teamed up to introduce a new sensation to the vacation scene – padel!

Picture this: Club Med, the pioneers of the all-inclusive resort experience since 1950, are joining forces with Babolat, one of the world’s leading racquet-sport manufacturers. Their partnership, which started in 2005 with top-notch tennis facilities, is now embracing the exciting world of padel. And it’s not just a small addition – they’ve already installed 20 padel courts across six Club Med resorts! But wait, there’s more – they’re planning to add at least 10 more courts by 2025.

So, what’s the padel fuss all about? Imagine guests aged 6 and up enjoying this vibrant sport as part of Club Med’s Mini Club Med+ program. And for the older kids? Well, they’re in for a treat with free lessons, court access, and Babolat’s top-quality padel gear. Last March, Club Med unveiled its first-ever padel school at Club Med Exclusive Collection Seychelles.

Why Padel, you ask? According to Babolat, it’s not just a game – it’s a strategic move. Both brands are all about teamwork, progress, and the sheer joy of play. Together, they’re diving into the world of new sports, and right now, padel is stealing the spotlight.

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