Andres Robelo Talks Tech Revolution in Racquet Sports with Playbypoint

May 2, 2024

In an illuminating session with The Padel Weekly, founder and visionary Andres Robelo from Playbypoint shared how a personal inconvenience turned into a groundbreaking enterprise in the Racquet sports industry. Established in 2016, Playbypoint was born out of Robelo’s frustration with the antiquated court booking systems at local clubs. What started as a venture to streamline tennis bookings has evolved into a comprehensive management solution for all Racquet sports, particularly highlighting its impact on the Padel community.

Andres Robelo, during his conversation with The Padel Weekly’s Darryle Busa, recounted how the inefficiencies of traditional booking methods drove him to innovate with Playbypoint. “As a tennis player, I found the booking process at local clubs to be frustratingly analog—everything was done with pen and paper,” Robelo explained. This challenge spurred him to develop a user-friendly system that not only improved his own experience but also offered a universal solution to Racquet sports facilities.

Under Robelo’s leadership, Playbypoint has cultivated a culture where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute ideas. This approach has been crucial in ensuring that their solutions accurately address the specific needs of sports clubs. “We always put the club first,” Robelo emphasized, reflecting on the company’s close collaboration with club operators to tailor their offerings effectively.

Playbypoint distinguishes itself by providing tailored tools for managing Padel clubs. These include robust cancellation policies, an open match system to facilitate player matching and a coaching module that enriches the training process. This suite of features ensures that club operations are streamlined, allowing owners to focus more on hospitality and member experiences.

The versatility of Playbypoint extends to its integration capabilities, seamlessly meshing with existing club systems to manage bookings, tournaments, and memberships. Robelo also highlighted the marketing tools within Playbypoint that help clubs boost engagement and retention, such as comprehensive CRM systems for effective communication and event promotion.

Robelo discussed how Playbypoint’s analytics tools empower clubs with detailed reports on sales, engagement, and facility utilization. This data is crucial for clubs to optimize their operations and enhance the overall customer experience. “Our system provides comprehensive reporting tools… We continuously update and improve our reporting features based on club feedback,” said Robelo, underscoring the adaptive nature of their platform.

As Playbypoint eyes global leadership in Racquet sports software, Robelo expressed enthusiasm about incorporating cutting-edge technologies like match recording and analysis systems. These innovations aim to enhance social interaction among players and provide clubs with advanced tools to manage their facilities and nurture talent.

For clubs and facilities interested in leveraging Playbypoint’s innovative solutions, Robelo encourages reaching out through their website to schedule a demo or explore partnership opportunities. His vision for a more interconnected and efficiently managed sports environment is set to redefine how clubs operate and engage with their members.

Robelo not only shared the genesis and growth of Playbypoint but also painted a vision of a tech-driven future in sports management that prioritizes efficiency, engagement, and community building.

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