Adidas Teams Up with The Pro Padel League: A Game-Changing Partnership for North American Padel

April 3, 2024

AFP Courts, a subsidiary of the AFP Group and now the official court supplier for the PPL, will lead the development of co-branded Adidas and PPL courts. These courts, poised for worldwide sales and distribution, symbolize the merging of innovation and excellence. Furthermore, Adidas and PPL are set to launch strategic marketing endeavors to spur the growth of Padel in North America and project its influence globally. Adidas’s prominent feature in all PPL event promotions underscores the brand’s integral role in elevating the sport’s profile.

Marcos del Pilar, PPL Commissioner, expressed his enthusiasm: “The PPL is excited about our partnership with AFP Courts. They share our commitment and are aligned with the mission to grow Padel in the USA, having prioritized this market since 2018. Our collaboration aims to enhance the PPL experience for players and fans alike, setting the stage for future alliances in line with PPL’s global strategy.”

Adidas has long been a titan in the sports industry, continually pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. This legacy extends to Adidas Padel courts, designed to meet the rigorous demands of athletes and professional tournaments. With AFP Courts at the helm, these courts embody the pinnacle of quality, ensuring an exceptional play experience.

Jose Delgado, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of AFP Courts reflected on the journey: “Six years ago, AFP Courts started spreading this magnificent fast-growing sport in the USA. Today, two of the best-positioned brands in the sports industry, Pro Padel League and Adidas, join forces to boost the sport of Padel and its practice all around the US. I’m convinced this alliance will set an important milestone in the Padel industry worldwide.”

The PPL’s 2024 season promises unparalleled excitement with ten teams from iconic North American cities vying for supremacy. The league’s unique team-based, city-franchise format offers a fresh and compelling take on professional Padel, setting the stage for intense competition and fostering a deep connection with sports fans across the continent.

With tickets now on sale, fans eagerly anticipate the chance to witness Padel’s history in the making. The PPL’s mission to craft the most captivating version of Padel for North American audiences is well underway, with this partnership marking a significant step toward realizing that vision.

For the latest on the PPL, schedules, and ticket information, visit their official site at Pro Padel League.

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