Abu Dhabi Padel Master Organizers Left in the Dark

December 20, 2023

From the upcoming season onward, the tour will be rebranded as Premier Padel, under the governance of the International Padel Federation (FIP). Despite the initial press release by Premier Padel’s owner, Qatar Sports Investment, outlining the acquisition, subsequent details about the new tour have been scarce, leading to uncertainty and skepticism among stakeholders.

Organizers of the Abu Dhabi Padel Master have openly shared their disappointment, stating, “To date, we have not been contacted by the new unified Tour for a date for the 2024 Abu Dhabi Padel Master.” Despite these concerns, GMOLx, the organizing body, reassures stakeholders of its steadfast commitment.

Premier Padel is set to kick off in Doha in 2024, with a proposed schedule featuring tournaments in the Middle East over the subsequent one to two months. However, the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Abu Dhabi Padel Master raises questions about the clarity and communication from Premier Padel. According to Padel Alto, the full schedule will be released in the coming week.

Namir Hourani, Managing Director of GMOLx, acknowledges the challenges, stating, “Our dedication to delivering unparalleled padel experiences to our fans and upholding our strong relationships with government entities and sponsors remains unshaken.” While awaiting clarity on the 2024 edition of the Abu Dhabi Padel Master, Hourani reassures stakeholders of ongoing efforts to provide updates promptly.

“To our sponsors and partners,” Hourani adds, “we understand your profound frustration. Your interests remain our utmost priority, and we sincerely appreciate your enduring patience and support.” The uncertainty surrounding the tournament’s future highlights the need for transparent communication from Premier Padel as it assumes the reins of the Padel world tour.

Originally reported by Padel Alto

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